Saving local news: a letter to Congress

Saving local news

In response to the extinction-level risk posed to local news by COVID-19 and the essential public service that local news outlets continue to provide during this crisis, the American Journalism Project signed onto a joint letter with The Institute for Nonprofit News, Local Independent Online News Association, The National Newspaper Publishers Association, The National Association of Hispanic Publications, National Federation of Community Broadcasters, The Lenfest Institute for Journalism, Report for America, an initiative of The GroundTruth Project, and Chalkbeat, which was delivered to Members of Congress on May 5, 2020.

May 5, 2020

Dear Members of Congress,

Amid this global pandemic, Americans have turned in massive numbers to local news for the latest and most trusted information. But what happens when essential, and even life-saving information, cannot be found?

The local news industry — already shrunken and frail — is now collapsing. Layoffs and furloughs are spreading. As the nation grapples with COVID-19, this is no time to lose this flow of critical information.

We sometimes think of “the media” as national TV or newspaper companies. But there are also thousands of locally-owned and non-profit news organizations, including weekly community newspapers, citywide nonprofit websites, ethnic publications, family-owned dailies, centers for state watchdog journalism, digital-only news sites, public radio and TV stations and other providers of community news. They are deeply rooted in small towns and neighborhoods, overwhelmingly nonpartisan and employing thousands. They are in peril.

There is a history of skepticism among many journalists about the government funding local news. But this diverse group of local publishers, journalists and advocates have come together around these particular broad-based proposals that would significantly help, without entangling government in the operation of the free press, encroaching upon editorial independence, or allowing for government favoritism, from any political party or ideology. These proposals are based on a few simple principles:

Saving local and nonprofit news is a nonpartisan, non-ideological issue. All Americans need objective, fair-minded and accurate local information to protect their families, represent their communities and make smart choices about health, schools, and elections. Studies have shown that communities with weak local news have more government waste, more pollution, more polarization and a less engaged electorate.

Local news is essential for our physical health and the economic health of Main Street. Public health experts say that residents are safer when they are better informed and more engaged. Local news is also important for the economic and civic health of Main Street. Realtors, automotive dealers, restaurants and other small businesses rely on local news to engage with customers. Elected officials need it to interact with their constituents. And a well-informed citizenry is essential to solving local problems. Local news knits together communities.

The future of local news must be truly grounded in communities. Efforts to help local news should be forward-looking, not only plugging gaps but encouraging the growth of local news systems that will be more innovative, sustainable, independent, representative and, above all, even more rooted in communities and truly serving the public.

The following proposals would help save local news now while laying the foundation for a more civic-minded media in the future:

Deploy federal advertising budgets to help both public health and local news. According to the General Accounting Office, the federal government spends roughly $1 billion on advertising (for military recruitment, the Census, public health etc). The government should now spend at least an additional $1 billion on public health advertising over the next twelve months. These paid announcements will be especially important as communities re-open for business. Half of all federal advertising spending should reach the public via local media. This is money the government is already prepared to spend; doing so through local media will enhance its impact, provide important, accurate, life-saving public information, and help local news at the same timeIn addition, another $1 billion in public service ads should be spent to jump-start military recruitment, support Census implementation, and help businesses get back on their feet.

Crucially, half of that local news allotment should go to locally-owned local news organizations — including rural and ethnic papers — and non-profit organizations (as underwriting sponsorships). This can be done efficiently and effectively.

COVID-19 recedes, half of the federal government’s ad spending should continue to flow to the public through local media in order to build a stronger local news system for the future. This can, and must, be done in a way that doesn’t endanger editorial independence.

Prevent massive layoffs and closures. The Paycheck Protection Program is often not reaching the local journalists who are providing essential COVID-19 information. To avoid more lost jobs, it should be extended for six months to frontline essential businesses, including local journalists. We applaud the feature in the current PPP that turns loans into grants for organizations that retain workers. To help strengthen local, independent journalism, Congress should also provide refundable tax credits for hiring reporters or allow companies to treat money spent on journalism as tax free. Note: the shortcoming of tax credits is that they will not help tax exempt, nonprofit news organizations that now provide so much important local news, nor many of the local and ethnic newspapers that show little profit.

Encourage the re-planting of newspapers that are currently owned by chains or private equity firms. COVID-19 has increased the likelihood of more mergers. We need a strategy to re-plant newspapers back into communities. Let’s provide an enhanced charitable tax deduction to any chain that converts a local newspaper into a nonprofit or donates to an existing community non-profit; or provide a tax credit if they sell to a public-purpose B corporation, co-op or other entity with a public service mission. Meanwhile, to allow these mission-oriented publications to develop sturdy streams of revenue, the IRS should make news subscriptions tax deductible, affirm that journalism can be considered a charitable purpose and clarify that nonprofits can take advertising without jeopardizing their tax exempt status or being taxed on that revenue.

It is also time for Congress to consider broadening financial support of nonprofit news organizations that are trying to fill news deserts, similar to its support of public broadcasters. Although it must be done in ways that preserve complete editorial independence from government influence, the crisis in local news is so severe, such approaches must be now weighed.

These steps would help local media survive so it can continue to inform local communities about COVID-19. Just as important, it recognizes that even before the disintegration of the industry, there were many topics and communities that were not adequately covered. These policies would help create a better local media system in the future.


The Institute for Nonprofit News

Local Independent Online News Association

The National Newspaper Publishers Association

The National Association of Hispanic Publications

National Federation of Community Broadcasters

The American Journalism Project

The Lenfest Institute for Journalism

Report for America, an initiative of The GroundTruth Project


Contact: Steven Waldman, co-founder and President, Report for America,


The Institute for Nonprofit News

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Adirondack Explorer

Alabama Initiative for Independent Journalism

Alhambra Source

Arizona Center for Investigative Reporting

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Bay Journal

Bay Nature Institute

Belt Magazine

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