We are mobilizing a movement to support the local news our democracy deserves.

The American Journalism Project is a new venture philanthropy organization dedicated to local news.

Our work is grounded in an understanding of the severity, urgency and scope of the crisis as communities across the U.S. lose their newspapers and call for a new approach to local news.

By providing transformative investments and close support to civic news organizations, we are building a new public service media that is governed by, sustained by and looks like the public it serves.


communities in the U.S. have had a newspaper close over the last 15 years

Source: The Expanding News Desert

What is most needed is investment in organizations’ capacity to sustain themselves, and to grow.

Elizabeth Green, American Journalism Project co-founder, and Chalkbeat Co-Founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief Read blog

What We Do

We are focused on growing and sustaining an independent local press by building business and technology capacity in local Civic News Organizations. Our three core functions:


Making course-altering grants to a set of enterprising civic news organizations

Intensive Support

Coaching and support from industry experts and peers

Movement Building

Catalyzing financial support for independent local news


Our initial fund will invest in a portfolio of Civic News Organizations across the U.S.

What is a Civic News Organization?

A civic news organization is a local news organization that has a public service mission and commitment to meeting the critical information needs of the community — in areas such as government, environment, education, social and criminal justice, or public health. It is supported by a mix of commercial media tactics and sophisticated charitable fundraising.

Get Involved

We are raising $50 million for our initial fund to support a portfolio of social entrepreneurs in building sustainable civic news organizations where they live — leaders who can serve as exemplars for a new generation of local news outlets.

Ecosystem Leaders

Critical to leading and lifting whole field

High Potential Newsrooms

Ready to evolve into media enterprises

Promising Startups

Have replicable or scalable models

We welcome support from philanthropists, family foundations, institutional funders, and corporate partners who understand the urgency of the decline in local news and the threat to our democracy.

The maintenance of an informed public is the responsibility of the public itself, not the incidental byproduct of a series of commercial transactions.

John Thornton, Co-founder of American Journalism Project and Texas Tribune

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