The values that guide us

  • We know that local journalism must serve and be led by local communities. We make a practice of listening to, and making decisions with — not for — those communities, and connecting them to find strength in each other.
  • We understand the severe economic challenge facing local news and thus democracy, and we embrace a sense of possibility with courage, urgency, and perseverance.
  • We recognize the unknown in front of us. Therefore, we operate with humility and a commitment to continuous improvement and collaboration.
  • We commit to creating a better, more diverse, and more inclusive news media that advances human and civil rights. We actively fight against injustice and racism, and that starts with doing the work ourselves.
  • We accept the responsibility of earning trust every day. We operate with honesty, transparency, dignity, and respect, and without allegiance to party, ideology, profit, or power.

Our people

We were founded in 2019 by John Thornton and Elizabeth Green, two pioneers in the field of mission-driven local nonprofit news.  

Today, our organization is led by an experienced team that shares an ambitious vision for sustainable local news. Our team brings expertise in grantmaking, fundraising, movement building and organizational growth; we are designing and delivering best-in-class support to our grantees.

Photos courtesy of our grantee partners Centro de Periodismo Investigativo and NOISE.