Meet our team

Jason Alcorn

Vice President, Learning & Impact

Adina Berliant-McDougall

Director, Growth Strategy & Investor Relations

Sarabeth Berman

Chief Executive Officer

Laura Bertocci

Manager, Community Support

Tyrell Byrd

Director, Finance & Operations

Jasmin Carey

Managing Director, Strategic Partnerships

Loretta Chao

Vice President, Strategy & Startups

Gonzalo del Peon

Manager, Strategy & Startups

René Gornall

Chief of Staff

Hermione Malone

Vice President, Strategy & Startups

Matthew Mantica

Director, Strategy & Startups

Roshni Neslage

Head of Communications

Anna Nirmala

Vice President, Portfolio Success

Michael Ouimette

Senior Vice President, Strategy & Startups

Courtney Parker

Senior Development Analyst

Nguyen Phan

Finance Manager

Amar Rajwani

Chief Financial & Administrative Officer

Hannah Ross

Communications Officer

Patty Slutsky

Chief Advancement Officer

Michelle Srbinovich

Vice President, Portfolio Success

Rachel Stark Hochman

Vice President, Strategy & Startups

Heidi Zheng

Manager, Learning & Impact

Fiona Morgan

Director, Community Listening (Consultant)