For grantseekers

What we fund

Our primary goal is to increase the resources for local news

We invest in the business capacity of digital newsrooms so they can grow sustainably, and we provide personalized coaching and access to training on best practices.

We fund a diverse portfolio of organizations representing a variety of editorial and business models, and we expect all of our grantees to meet the following core criteria:

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

We believe that every community deserves access to high-quality local news. We especially encourage inquiries from organizations that are led by and serve traditionally underrepresented communities. We know there are great entrepreneurs and organizations who won’t fit everything described in our grantmaking rubric or who provide important public service to their communities that we have not considered. We welcome a conversation about your organization and how it is serving local information needs.


What to expect

Working with a venture philanthropy can be a new experience for some. Our model is built to provide bespoke support based on grantees’ biggest strategic challenges alongside our investment in organizational revenue and operations capacity. Read more about our support here.


What we look for

In addition to the core criteria listed above, which must apply to all our grantees, we consider strength in core organizational areas as outlined in this rubric. We do not expect organizations to be strong across all pillars but we do expect our grantees to have a compelling track record, and demonstrate the commitment and capabilities to strengthen in each area.


How we decide

Most of our grants are made through a competitive grantmaking process. We periodically make calls for letters of inquiry (LOIs), often with a specific investment thesis motivating the call. Our internal grants committee reviews all LOIs and selects a handful of organizations to move to the proposal phase, which includes a written proposal, financial and operational due-diligence, and a series of workshops with the organization’s leadership and board of directors. Our aim during the proposal process is to articulate a 3-5 year growth plan and then structure an investment that will enable the organization to reach its goals. Final proposals are approved by our board of directors.


How to apply

The deadline for our 2021 grants has passed, but if you are working on an initiative that you think we should know about, please reach out via our general inquiry form below. Our team can’t respond to every inquiry we receive, but we promise we are reading them!

If you’d like to stay up-to-date on our future grantmaking opportunities, please sign up for our email list or check in back in 2022 for information about our next grant cycle.

Photo courtesy of our grantee partner Mississippi Today.