Our Impact

We're helping to build a new generation of newsrooms

Each of our grantees has an ambitious vision. We help them achieve it.

We measure the impact of our philanthropic investments and venture support by evaluating our efficacy in catalyzing grantees’ organizational growth, sustainability and impact. We also evaluate the field-wide impact of our efforts to grow local and national philanthropic support for local news.

By the numbers:

  • Grantees grow by an average of 67 percent in Year One of their grant and are projecting to double their revenue by Year Three.
  • 47 percent of grantees have a person of color leading the organization, the newsroom or both, and 63 percent have a woman in one or both of those roles.
  • Our grants are supporting more than 110 new revenue and operations roles across our portfolio. 100% of grantees report feeling better positioned to grow vs. before they received our funding and support.
  • Four new newsrooms supported through launch, with another two in incubation stages.

A critical intangible element that the American Journalism Project has provided is the swagger we have developed.... [They have] been very intent on driving us to think big. And we have responded with a sense of permission to dream....”

Grantee impact survey respondent


We invest in news teams. They invest in their communities.


Here's what growth looks like for some of our grantees

And here's what that growth can mean for communities