Diversity report

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are core to our values

We recognize the fight against injustice and racism starts with doing the work ourselves, and we’re holding ourselves to the same standards to which we hold our grantees.

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At the American Journalism Project, we believe that every community deserves access to high-quality, independent local news that is inclusive and responsive to the diverse perspectives and needs of the community. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are core to our values, and we support grantees that share these values.

We support local news because we know an informed citizenry is crucial for the strength of our society and the integrity of our democracy, and because we believe journalism can empower everyone with the information they need to engage and thrive civically. We know that when newsrooms aren’t reflective of the communities they serve, there is less trust in local news, less community cohesion, and lower levels of civic engagement. [Source]

This diversity report is our organization’s first benchmark of the race and gender makeup of our staff, of our grantees overall, and of the leadership roles we are directly supporting with our funding. It is an honest, transparent foundation for continuous improvement.

As funders and movement builders for local news, we make choices every day about how to invest our grantmaking resources, how we work with local partners to design and launch new nonprofit newsrooms, how we help our grantees to recruit and retain diverse newsroom and business leadership, and how we develop systems and structures that enable the American Journalism Project itself to be an equitable organization committed to constant learning.

We want to thank the Institute for Nonprofit News and Impact Architects for their support in helping us to prepare this report.