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We need local news,
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Local journalism keeps communities informed and holds the powerful accountable. It is the key to an informed citizenry and provides the tools to safeguard a healthy democracy — but the industry is in crisis.

Learn how nonprofit news is solving the local news crisis

newspapers have closed

communities are without a local newsroom

of journalism jobs no longer exist

Decline in original reporting.

A less informed public.


Voter & civic engagement decline.


Government waste increases.


Public polarization widens.

The consequences are dire for our democracy.

We are investing in the future, today.

We are a venture philanthropy investing in and building digital nonprofit newsrooms that are governed by, are sustained by, and look like the public they serve.

Nonprofit newsrooms are filling the information gap.

A new generation of digital, nonprofit news models has taken hold across the country, showing us a path to not only rebuild what was lost, but reimagine local news in service of all communities.

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We're proving that every community can have an independent, resilient and representative civic press.

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nonprofit news organizations backed: 37 established organizations and 4 startups currently being incubated.

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