Positioning grantees for success

Our venture support model

We set our grantees up for success with a unique venture support model. Our grantees represent a variety of models and stages of development, and we provide each with tailored support based on their needs and biggest strategic challenges. We work as a team with our grantees, opening our networks and partnering with each leader to help them strengthen and scale their organization.

What our support looks like:

  • Each organization in our portfolio is assigned a Success Partner: an individual from our team who serves as a strategic thought-partner, coach, and partner-in-crime to help organizational leaders overcome challenges and identify opportunities and to connect them with resources and insights from other organizations in our portfolio and the field. Depending on your needs, we’re on the phone, on Zoom, and in staff and board meetings. We work on strategy documents together, we source and interview candidates for new positions and are in the trenches doing what it takes to help our grantees make progress.
  • We offer our grantees a range of capacity-building resources and supports to strengthen their core business and operational infrastructure. These resources include workshops to improve fundraising capabilities; access to financial management advisors; talent recruitment support; diversity, equity and inclusion coaching; and more.
  • Our grantees often tell us that the most powerful part of joining our portfolio is the chance to learn from other organizations. We facilitate peer-learning opportunities informed by portfolio-wide trends and insights.
  • We develop and codify best practices that can expedite the work of our grantees. Tools include a bank of job descriptions, examples of outstanding funding pitches, and hiring playbooks. As we learn from our grantees, we capture the tools, resources and best practices that can be shared throughout the portfolio and to the field more broadly.

AJP provides a critical partner…with whom we can talk, brainstorm, and think through opportunities and challenges.”

Grantee impact survey respondent

Photo courtesy of our grantee partner MLK50.