NOISE (North Omaha Information Support Everyone) is a collaborative, grassroots organization publishing community-led local news and information for North Omaha.

The newsroom is one of an American Journalism Project pilot round of early-stage investments in leaders of young organizations having outsized impact and in need of business and revenue infrastructure. These two-year grants are structured to establish these fundamental operations and prepare the organizations for future growth.


  • Myles Davis is a marketer who grew up in Omaha and has strong ties and connections to the community. As executive director, he guides NOISE in making meaningful and lasting connections with its readership and community partners.
  • Emily Chen-Newton is the interim managing editor of NOISE and a contributor to National Public Radio. Emily has hosted and produced science podcasts, oral history archives and breaking news reports primarily focusing on the stories of those often overlooked.
  • Kelli West is an Omaha native with strong ties to the North Omaha community. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and has always been passionate about uplifting her community.