Documented provides original local news and information to the millions of Spanish-speaking immigrants across New York City, as well as accountability and investigative work around the city’s immigration policy.

Documented’s digital news operation uncovers the ground-level impact of shifts in labor policy, law-enforcement practices and bureaucratic requirements, as well as the effects of new federal directives on New York City’s immigrant communities. The outlet delivers its journalism through its website and through an award-winning Spanish-language newsletter delivered to 1,000 subscribers on WhatsApp. The newsroom is celebrated across the field for its innovative and multi-platform approach to community-based service journalism, with investigative resources directed in response to readers’ questions and concerns

With support from the American Journalism Project, Documented is increasing its newsgathering, creating new products for Chinese and English-speaking Caribbean immigrant communities, and building a revenue and operations team to oversee its growth, starting with its first development director.


We know, with hard data, that our journalism is a service that helps to solve the real needs of our audience.”

Nicolás Ríos, Audience Editor
  • MazinSidahmedDocumented
    Mazin Sidahmed is a software engineer whose passion for journalism eventually led him to write about immigrants and refugees. Mazin reported about the plight of Syrian refugees in Lebanon for the local English language newspaper The Daily Star before moving to the United States and reporting on immigration issues here. His passion and technical background converged when he became part of the inaugural team of the Guardian Mobile Innovation Lab.
  • MaxSiegelbaumDocumented
    Max Siegelbaum received his master’s degree in Journalism from Columbia University, where he was a Toni Stabile Center for Investigative Journalism Fellow. He was a reporter in Denver before spending two years as a freelance journalist covering breaking news, politics and culture in Cairo, Egypt.