Grantee news, In the news August 15, 2023

Veteran journalist Oseye Boyd to lead Central Indiana Newsroom

The Indiana Local News Initiative announced the hiring of its first editor-in-chief, Oseye Boyd. Boyd’s most recent role was engagement editor for IndyStar, and she was the editor-in-chief for the Indianapolis Recorder. Boyd was hired after an extensive search led by a committee of local and industry experts, including a panel of local residents.

In the news August 10, 2023

Fixing the local news crisis

“We think the nonprofit model is a really promising model for how to address the local news crisis in many markets because it opens up new lines of revenue that are demonstrating that they can work," Sarabeth Berman, CEO of the American Journalism Project (AJP), tells The Dispatch.

In the news July 20, 2023

AI, the media, and the lessons of the past

The American Journalism Project, a nonprofit organization that aims to revitalize local media in the US, announced a ten-million-dollar partnership with OpenAI, the company that owns and operates the artificial-intelligence tool ChatGPT.