A year of promise for local news

In 2022, we saw nonprofit local news organizations drive a major industry shift, a fundamental change in how we finance and sustain local news. Persistent reports of shrinking newsrooms and widespread layoffs – symptoms of an ongoing market failure in commercial news – reinforced our belief in the strength and sustainability of the nonprofit model and its promise for communities.

The local news organizations we support have been major players in the movement to sustain local news, which we know is essential for the future of our democracy. They have met the moment with ingenuity, resilience, and determination. We’re pleased to share a few snapshots that bring to life how we work together and how our portfolio is growing in service of essential local journalism.

We’re happy to share our 2022 year in review, which highlights the examples of our impact, some of our press coverage, standouts from our grantees’ exemplary reporting, stories of the launch of new local news organizations and the expansion of existing ones – and a preview of what’s to come this year.

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating the progress and promise of the last year, and follow along as we continue working to power a thriving local news ecosystem in 2023.