Insights May 31, 2024

Built to last: Highlights from AJPalooza 2024

It’s vital to build local news organizations that are resilient, sustainable, and can endure through changing market conditions. This was our focus during AJPalooza 2024, the American Journalism Project’s annual gathering of our grantee portfolio, local and national supporters, and partners in the effort to rebuild local news.

Insights August 30, 2023

Building sustainable local news: AJP’s pathway to impact

Since our launch in 2019, we’ve codified the focal areas of our work, grown our team, and invested in 41 nonprofit news organizations — with strong results. Since our work has grown in its complexity and breadth, we’re taking a moment now to share more details about how we work.

Insights August 22, 2023

The impact of nonprofit news: a look at new research

This summer, scholars Nikki Usher and Sanghoon Kim-Leffingwell’s paper, “How Loud Does the Watchdog Bark?” was published in the International Journal of Press/Politics. This research is an indicator that nonprofit, local news organizations are beneficial to democracy — and that funding for the field is imperative.