American Journalism Project announces $3.25 million in grants to three local, nonprofit news organizations

Washington, D.C. – January 24, 2023 – The American Journalism Project announced its first three new grants of 2023 to nonprofit news organizations that aim to reach new audiences and cover critical issues concerning communities in North Carolina, Fort Worth, Texas and Nebraska. This brings the American Journalism Project’s portfolio of grantees to 36 organizations and total investments made to more than $40 million. Each of these organizations have ambitious plans to grow original local reporting by investing in their revenue and operations capacities.

American Journalism Project’s new investments in Enlace Latino NC, Fort Worth Report and Nebraska Journalism Trust will give these organizations funding and strategic support to significantly grow their revenue as they expand their organizations into local communities.

“At a moment when people need trusted sources of information, local news is in decline across the country, leaving people without reliable sources of news on the issues that affect their communities,” said Sarabeth Berman, CEO of the American Journalism Project. “Each of these organizations is working to close news and information gaps, in order to bolster their community and in turn help democracy thrive.”

More details on each organization and how it will use its new support:

  • Enlace Latino NC ($1 million) to serve a significant Spanish-speaking audience that is quickly transforming communities across North Carolina and critical to large parts of the state’s economy. The state’s first Spanish language nonprofit newsroom, which has been recognized for its innovative strategies for reaching new audiences including a thriving WhatsApp community, a podcast, and a newsletter launched in response to the information needs of seasonal farmworkers, will build a revenue and operations team to support the newsroom’s ambitious growth and to ensure that North Carolina has trusted, high-quality local news by and for its Latinx and immigrant communities. Support will also enable it to begin operating as a fully independent nonprofit. 
  • The Fort Worth Report ($1.1 million) to build out its business team and the infrastructure to ensure long-term sustainability to support its community-driven journalism. Launched in April 2021 to help fill the widening news gaps that emerged as legacy media cut staff and coverage, the news organization provides substantive, solutions-focused coverage to promote civic engagement among local residents. Fort Worth Report covers city and county government, schools, business, healthcare, the environment, arts and culture, and the people, events and ideas that make up Fort Worth’s unique identity. The news organization has already demonstrated their capacity for growth: In 2022, with support from the Fort Worth community, the news organization grew its team from six to 17 since its 2021 launch.
  • The Nebraska Journalism Trust ($1.1 million) to grow its team and pilot several affiliated newsrooms that will service small communities and neighborhoods, driven by a vision for uncovering truth, amplifying diverse voices, and enriching life in Nebraska. Through its flagship publication, the Flatwater Free Press, the organization produces a unique combination of hard-hitting investigative journalism and feature stories that hold up the best of the state. Stories are republished regularly in all of the state’s major outlets and dozens of weekly community newspapers and the average story reaches almost 1 in 4 adult residents.

These organizations will use new financial support to find ways to significantly increase its revenues and ensure long-term sustainability including hiring for key roles on business and operations teams. Beyond financial philanthropic investment, the American Journalism Project will provide each of these organizations with key venture support and capacity building. Over time, these local news organizations will be able to reinvest their increased revenue back into the newsroom to expand their ability to do more original reporting. 

Since 2019, the American Journalism Project has committed more than $40 million in grants supporting business operations to a grantee portfolio of 36 news organizations to date. Learn more about the impact of our work with grantee news organizations in our 2022 year-end report.


Media contact:

Hannah Ross, Communications officer, American Journalism Project,, (301) 857-1979


About the American Journalism Project

The American Journalism Project is a venture philanthropy dedicated to local news. We believe in civic journalism as a public good and are reimagining its future by building a model to finance and sustain the local news our democracy requires. We make grants to local nonprofit news organizations to build their revenue and business operations, partner with communities to launch new organizations, and mentor leaders as they grow and sustain their newsrooms. To learn more about the American Journalism Project, visit our website. To learn more about our grantees, visit our portfolio page.

About Enlace Latino NC

Enlace Latino NC is North Carolina’s first nonprofit digital news organization in Spanish. Enlace is powered by a mission to empower the diverse community of Latinx immigrants in North Carolina to become more involved in the political and social changes that affect them. The news organization publishes independent, non-partisan, public service journalism in Spanish about local politics, government and elections, immigration, and community affairs.

About Fort Worth Report

The Fort Worth Report is a nonprofit news organization that produces independent, factual news coverage that aims to hold government officials accountable, find solutions for community issues, and strengthen a diverse and rapidly growing city and home county. 

About Nebraska Journalism Trust

The Nebraska Journalism Trust is uncovering truth, amplifying diverse voices, and enriching life in Nebraska. Through its flagship publication, the Flatwater Free Press, the news organization produces a unique combination of hard-hitting investigative journalism and feature stories that hold up the best of Nebraska.