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Grantee news, In the news December 22, 2023

The rebirth of local journalism

Many of this country’s biggest problems are devilishly hard to solve. The decline of local news may be different. “It took a generation for the American news industry to unravel, and it will take a generation to fully rebuild it,” Sarabeth Berman, C.E.O. of the American Journalism Project, which funds nonprofit newsrooms, said in a recent speech.“

In the news December 11, 2023

Watch: How local news stitches communities together

Sarabeth Berman, American Journalism Project CEO, presented at Emerson Collective’s annual Demo Day, highlighting the promise of nonprofit local news and the remarkable reporting our grantees are doing. In the presentation, she spotlighted Wisconsin Watch’s efforts to uncover a story in Kiel, Wisconsin.

Grantee news, In the news December 5, 2023

Signal Ohio Launches Nonprofit Newsroom in Akron

Signal Ohio, one of the nation’s largest nonprofit news startups, launched Signal Akron today, its second newsroom in Ohio. The growing range of freely accessible journalism at will include accountability reporting and community resources. Stories already published include a deeper look at police accountability, the effects of the c