In the news October 6, 2023

Leonard Downie: Local news isn’t dying. It’s changing.

You’ve heard local news is dying. In fact, it might just be evolving. Here is a sampling of what is working and where...Philanthropic support for local nonprofit news has grown steadily over the past five years. The American Journalism Project has invested in more than 40 nonprofit local news sites across the country.

In the news October 5, 2023

Watch: CDT’s 2023 ‘Future of Speech Online’

The Center for Democracy & Technology held its seventh annual Future of Speech Online event, which explored how to build a rights-respecting future where people benefit from generative AI. AJP CEO Sarabeth Berman delivered a lightning talk about how AJP aims to help the local news organizations in our portfolio explore the use of generative AI.

In the news September 28, 2023

WATCH: Catalyzing local philanthropy for local news

In this conversation, Sarabeth Berman, CEO, American Journalism Project, moderated a discussion with Michael Ouimette, Chief Investment Officer at the American Journalism Project, Kevin Corcoran, Strategy Director at the Lumina Foundation and Lauren Williams, CEO and Co-Founder of Capital B.