Insights April 17, 2023

Investing in public media – checking in on our pilot grants

The American Journalism Project made its first philanthropic investments in public media with the goal of examining the role public media could play in rebuilding local news. Halfway through this program, we explore the progress being made so far during these pilot grants.

In the news, Insights January 1, 2023

News organizations get new structures

"If there’s any sort of potential bright spot coming out of some of the current tech platform crises, it’s that news and journalism institutions can offer a counter message and cement themselves as reliable sources of community information and connection.”

Insights November 3, 2022

Local news can keep government accountable

Local news holds the government accountable, one of the many reasons it’s essential to democracy. In the final conversation in our series of conversations on the impact of local news, we heard from Nikki Usher of the University of San Diego, Jon Ralston of the Nevada Independent and Michelle De La Isla, former mayor of Topeka, Kansas.

Insights October 26, 2022

How local news can reflect the communities it serves

As we work to rebuild local news, we have a clear, urgent opportunity to create news organizations that are more diverse, equitable and inclusive. This shift must happen both inside the newsroom — with better policies for recruitment, hiring, training, retention and growth – and in the communities newsrooms serve.

Insights October 21, 2022

Rebuilding local news fosters civic engagement

Despite growing participation in national politics and high volumes of information available online, local political engagement in the U.S. has declined —  but local news can be a solution.