Insights October 26, 2022

How local news can reflect the communities it serves

As we work to rebuild local news, we have a clear, urgent opportunity to create news organizations that are more diverse, equitable and inclusive. This shift must happen both inside the newsroom — with better policies for recruitment, hiring, training, retention and growth – and in the communities newsrooms serve.

Insights October 21, 2022

Rebuilding local news fosters civic engagement

Despite growing participation in national politics and high volumes of information available online, local political engagement in the U.S. has declined —  but local news can be a solution.

Insights December 20, 2021

Gratitude for those joining us to help rebuild local news

We have been in a decades-long crisis of contraction in the newspaper industry that has left communities across the country without access to information and lets power go unchecked. To begin to reverse this decline, a cadre of philanthropists are stepping up to the plate to help finance and sustain a new business model for local news.