Insights July 19, 2019

A few things we’ve learned these first four months

We shared in our newsletter on July 2 that we’ve invited our first set of proposals for investment and support. This week, we wanted to take a moment to share some of what we’ve learned in talking with more than 100 Civic News Organizations (CNOs) over the past few months, particularly as it relates to their revenue capacity needs.

Insights February 26, 2019

Introducing the American Journalism Project

It’s a big day for us at AJP, as we formally unveil our ambition to build a first-of-its-kind venture philanthropy firm focused on local news. Below this note is an announcement that includes our founding investors, team, and board members.

Insights February 25, 2019

Why I’m placing my bets on the American Journalism Project

My inbox is accustomed to cold pitches. I’ve been a reporter and editor for more than a decade. But starting a few years ago — and increasingly each and every month — I’ve been getting a new genre of email solicitation: the request for business coaching, from my fellow journalists.